September 01, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Human Rights Commission Strategic Planning Sessions

The Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights invites public input for its strategic planning process, which will take place in a series of meetings this month beginning tonight.

The Commission is reviewing its long-term goals in light of changes that occurred during the City’s recent budget process that reduced funding for the Human Rights Commission and partnerships with non-governmental agencies.

The strategic planning effort will take place over three meetings. It is not necessary to attend all three meetings to provide input.
This Strategic Planning process will take place at three meetings:

The Mayor’s Commission has recently revised its mission statement. The Mission now states:

“The Mayor's Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations works to promote understanding and respect among all citizens and provides the community recourse for discriminatory acts.

The Commission investigates alleged incidents of discrimination and tries to mediate settlements between affected parties. The Commission acts as a clearinghouse for information regarding Human Rights and offers its services to help educate interested citizens and community groups.”

Any citizens interested in participating in the Strategic Planning process should call Bob Hosmer, Senior City Planner, 864-1834, or send e-mail to:

For media information, contact: Bob Hosmer, Senior City Planner, 864-1834.

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