September 11, 2009

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Citizens' Task Force Subcommittee Named

A subcommittee of the Police-Fire Pension Fund Citizens’ Task Force has been officially formed to research whether the Tier I police and fire employees can move to the statewide LAGERS pension system if the Nov. 3 sales-tax referendum is approved.

City Manager Greg Burris said the Tier I-to-LAGERS Feasibility Subcommittee is being asked to analyze the feasibility of migrating some or all Tier I Police and Fire employees to the LAGERS retirement system and deliver a report to Police-Fire Pension Fund Citizens’ Task Force Chairman Jerry Fenstermaker that documents the analysis process, recommendations, and rationale.

The City Council, in a resolution approved Thursday evening, pledged to enroll new police and fire employees into LAGERS if the Nov. 3 referendum is approved. Tier II employees – those hired after July 1, 2006 with benefits similar to the LAGERS plan - would have the opportunity to voluntarily migrate to LAGERS if that occurs. The issues involving a potential Tier I migration are more complex, however, so the Task Force asked to establish a subcommittee to continue its analysis.

The Task Force is asking the subcommittee to complete its work as quickly as possible, while recognizing that  it will take a period of weeks or months to work through the complexities of such a move.

Task Force member Peggy Kubicek will chair the Tier I-to-LAGERS Subcommittee. Other members include:

The Springfield Police Officers Association was invited to name a member to the subcommittee, but declined to participate.

The subcommittee meetings will be open to the public. The first meeting has not yet been scheduled. The meeting dates and times will be listed on the City’s weekly calendar, available on the City Web site at:

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