October 02, 2009

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New WIC Food Matches Current Nutritional Needs

Today the Greene County Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program begins providing a new and improved food package to its clients.

“The WIC food package has not changed significantly since the program began in the 1970s. The program was designed to meet the nutritional deficits of the times – vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and protein,” says nutrition and breastfeeding coordinator Julie Randolph, BS, IBCLC. “Our population and its needs have changed. We have a more ethnically diverse clientele. We have people struggling with overweight and obesity issues. We have clients whose diets are lacking in whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.”

The new package includes the addition of new foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat breads, infant fruits, vegetables and meats, alternatives like soy milk and tofu, brown rice, whole grain tortillas and canned beans.

It reinforces current nutrition education messages:

“This is the first major change for the WIC food package in 30 years,” adds Randolph. “The new package offers more choices in order to provide stronger support for breastfeeding moms and better match the nutritional needs of today’s families.”

For more information about the WIC program, to find out if your family qualifies or to make an appointment, call 417-851-1581 or visit www.springfieldmo.gov/health/WIC.html.

Media contact: Jaci McReynolds, Public Information Administrator, (417) 874-1205 office • (417) 830-9511 cell

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