October 07, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Police Investigate Numerous Vehicle Thefts

The Springfield Police Department continues to investigate numerous thefts from vehicles. In approximately a 15-day span starting on September 15, 2009, the department received 143 reports of vehicle break-ins. The majority of the break-ins are occurring in the south-central and southwest part of the city.

Thieves are targeting purses, wallets, global positioning systems, radios, and laptop computers that are left in vehicles. In nearly half of the cases being reviewed no force was used to break into the vehicles, indicating the vehicle was unlocked. In 22% of the cases, the owners of the vehicles admitted that they had left the vehicle unlocked.

The theft of purses, and wallets left in vehicles often results in credit cards and personal identification being fraudulently used by the thieves.

Police remind citizens that the best deterrent against vehicle break-ins is locking your car and removing items that can be easily stolen. Police also recommend parking your car in a garage at night, and in areas they are well lit if left on a parking lot. Police also recommend removing garage door openers if the car is left outside over night.

Media Contact: Major Kevin Routh, phone: 864-1754, Release authorized by: Major Kevin Routh

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