November 13, 2009

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America Recycles Day is November 15

In recognition of “America Recycles Day” on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, the City of Springfield is releasing an updated version of its “Guide to Recycling in Springfield”.

The guide – available online at - now lists more than 120 locations that accept a wide variety of materials for recycling or reuse. Anyone can request a hard copy of the publication by calling 864-1904.

The Guide covers items ranging from aluminum to walnuts and the new listings include additional outlets for Styrofoam, lawn mowers, and construction and demolition waste. It also lists new contact information for recycling centers for the area municipalities in a multi-county region.

Despite the severe economic downturn and record low recycling markets, Springfield’s recycling “infrastructure” remains solid. Local processors are continuing to remain optimistic and are actually expanding services and facilities. More businesses and institutions have implemented recycling programs to include their employees, customers, and students.

The Computer Recycling Center, a City of Springfield recycling partner, has broken ground on a major expansion of its facility. The current 4,000-square-foot building at 1434 N. National Ave. will be expanded by 2,800 square feet. It is expected to be complete by Christmas 2009.

The additional space will enable the Center to expand recycling services to the community, including taking glass in larger volumes and increasing the volume of Styrofoam accepted, including packing peanuts and sheet/molded Styrofoam packing materials. The Center also is researching other items and markets.

Midwest Fiber has expanded its services to include single-stream separation facilities to accommodate recently enhanced curbside recycling programs.

New American Recycling also has added additional space and a single-stream sort line and continues to work with the City supporting the plastics recycling efforts.

Automated Waste now joins Allied Waste and WCA in offering single-stream/co-mingled curbside recycling services, which include a greater variety of materials being accepted at the curb, except for glass.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the lifecycle energy savings of recycling rather than landfilling one aluminum can is equivalent to the energy use of a laptop for five hours, a 60-watt incandescent light bulb for four hours, or a 60-watt compact fluorescent light bulb for 20 hours.

America Recycles Day is intended as an opportunity for citizens to think about their role in creating a sustainable environment by making smarter choices, reusing and recycling.

For more information on America Recycles Day, visit:

For media information, contact: Barbara Lucks, Materials Recovery and Education Coordinator, 864-2005; or Ken Reiss, Computer Recycling Center, 866-2588.

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