November 18, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Applicants Sought for Board of Public Utilities

The City Council Committee of the Whole is seeking applications for the Board of Public Utilities from citizens interested in the broad range of utility, water supply and community sustainability issues included in CU’s responsibilities.

The CU Board has five openings for three-year terms coming up in December 2009. The Committee of the Whole decided at its meeting Tuesday to take applications for those openings through 5 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009.

Interested citizens can apply online at:

Anyone without computer access can call the City Clerk’s office at 864-1653 to request an application.

In addition to the standard form, applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter describing their expertise and addressing the following questions:

The cover letter and any other supporting materials should be sent to City Clerk Brenda Cirtin at: or P.O. Box 8368, Springfield, Mo., 65801.

Under the City Charter, applicants for City positions on the board must have two years of residency within Springfield. Applicants for the County position must live in Greene County outside of the city limits and have subscribed to at least one utility service (other than transit) for at least two years. They must maintain the subscription during their board term.

Any citizens who applied to serve on the CU Board prior to Dec. 1, 2008 should re-apply if they are still interested in being considered for the seats.

Of the five openings coming up in December, three current board members are eligible for a second three-year appointment – Mike Chiles, Lisa Crump and Tom Rankin. Two seats – one city position and one county position – are open because board members Virginia Fry and Phillip Wannenmacher have completed two terms each.

After the application deadline, the Committee will schedule a meeting to narrow the applicants and consider the re-appointments. The Committee will then interview applicants and then vote on their recommendations for the five open seats. The goal is to include the recommendations for first reading on the Dec. 14, 2009 City Council agenda.

For more information about City Utilities, visit:

For more information, contact: City Clerk Brenda Cirtin, 864-1650.

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