December 07, 2009

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Holiday Recycling Tips

As the holiday season approaches, the amount of solid waste generated by cooking, decorating and gift packaging increases significantly. The City of Springfield’s Solid Waste Management Division has a number of suggestions to reduce holiday waste and create a safer holiday environment.

Cooking Grease Disposal:

Large holiday meals may generate more cooking grease than cooks are used to disposing of normally. Please be advised that cooking grease can create problems for the City’s sewer lines. Grease should not be poured down the drain, even while running hot water. It will still cool and solidify as it moves through the sewer line. Here are tips for disposing of grease in the most environmentally friendly way.

Reduce Holiday Toxics:

This time of year also creates extra risks of toxic exposure with decorations, candles and wrapping. Here are some ways to reduce those risks.

Reduce Wrapping Waste:

Here are some ways to recycle, reduce and re-use wrapping and  packing materials.

Reduce Litter:

The holiday season also tends to generate more trash, so residents are encouraged to use best practices for disposal.

For more information, contact: Barbara J. Lucks, Materials Recovery/Education Coordinator, 864-2005;

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