January 21, 2010

News Release

For Immediate Release

Signal, Crosswalk Removal on Jefferson Near Cherry

A crosswalk and traffic signal on Jefferson Avenue near Cherry Street will be removed next week.

The mid-block signal was originally installed to serve students attending St. Agnes School. However, there are no students using the signal to walk to and from the school; and school officials have indicated the signal is no longer needed.

A news release announcing the removal of the signal was released on Dec. 22, 2009. The signal heads have been covered for the last four weeks as the signal was taken out of service. No comments or concerns have been received during this period of time. The signal and the marked crosswalk will be removed by a Public Works crew on Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, weather permitting.

For more information, contact: Jason Haynes, Public Works Traffic Engineering, 837-5799.

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