February 22, 2010

News Release

For Immediate Release

Man Charged With Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

James David Bordeaux, 30, of Springfield has been charged with 2nd Degree Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer in connection with an incident yesterday afternoon. He has also been charged with 2nd degree Assault on Emergency Personnel (St. John’s EMS Personnel), Resisting a Lawful Detention and Resisting a Lawful Stop. Bond has been set at $150,000 all related to the event yesterday.

Bordeaux was parked on the lot of 1923 E. Kearney at 2:16 p.m. when police received a call about a man slumped over in passenger car. On arrival a citizen contacted Officer Tom Savard and told him the male in a 1996 Ford Taurus was slumped over, and did not respond when he checked on him.

Savard approached the Taurus and noticed that the windshield wipers were on and Bordeaux was behind the steering wheel of the car, but slumped over toward the passenger seat. Savard knocked on the passenger side window several times, and the driver’s side window several more times, before Bordeaux finally responded by sitting up. As Savard started to check on Bordeaux’s driver’s license status, and whether or not Bordeaux was impaired, the suspect started the car and backed out of the parking spot turning the vehicle toward Savard nearly striking the officer.

Bordeaux then struck an occupied pickup truck driven by Timothy Clements. Also in the truck was Clements 12-year old son. After striking Clements’ pickup truck Bordeaux put his vehicle in reverse, struck Savard’s police car and nearly struck a St. John’s EMS vehicle occupied by Brian Thompson and Scott Kroger. At that point Bordeaux pulled his vehicle into a parking spot and as Savard re-approached the car, Bordeaux again put the car in reverse and nearly struck Savard.

Bordeaux then put the car in forward gear and drove south through the lot. Savard attempted to disable Bordeaux’s vehicle by firing two shots at the right front tire. The rounds were ineffective in stopping the vehicle.

Bordeaux was later arrested hiding in a storage closet at the La Quinta Inn at 1610 E. Evergreen. Police recovered Bordeaux’s vehicle in the 2500 block of N. Glenstone. During a search of the vehicle officers located a substance that appeared to be methamphetamine. Savard, a twenty-year veteran of the Springfield Police Department, is not on administrative leave since there were no injuries regarding the discharge of his weapon.

SPD Case Number: 10-7192
Media Contact: Chief Ron Hartman, phone: 417-864-1782; Release authorized by: Chief Ron Hartman

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