May 25, 2010

News Release

For Immediate Release

Greenways Secures Third National Recreation Trail!

The National Park Service has just announced that they have selected Springfield’s South Creek Greenway to be designated as a National Recreation Trail! This makes the third designation within our community’s greenway trail system! Galloway Creek Greenway was designated in 2003, and the Frisco Highline Trail in 2006. This “triple-crown” of national trails is a major accomplishment – giving widespread attention to what we are working toward in the Southwest Missouri.

There are now over 1,000 National Recreation Trails in the U.S.

National Trails Day, on Saturday, June 5, is when National Recreation Trails are promoted and enjoyed all over America, in order to show how much public desire there is for expanding our greenway system and on-street bike route infrastructure. In the Springfield area, the Polk County Bike Club is hosting a Trail Day bike ride fundraiser for the Frisco Highline Trail and the public is invited to come out and explore this great national trail. For ride info, go to .

For more information, contact: Lori Tack, Program Coordinator – (417) 864-2015,; Terry Whaley, Executive Director – (417) 840-9756

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