August 16, 2010

News Release

For Immediate Release

Police Caution Against Loan Scams by Internet, Mail

Springfield Police would like to warn citizens about the increasing number of scams that are popping up on the Internet and through conventional mail.

Many scams include a letter to the victim with an offer of cash, and sometimes an actual check in the victim’s name, is sent by the scam artist and told that there is more money available to the victim. All the victim has to do is send money to cover incidental fees, or commission fees. In most cases the original check sent to the victim is no good though it may appear professionally printed.

People are also falling victim to loan sharking over the Internet, often involving companies overseas. The victim takes out a loan with exuberant interest. If the victim defaults on the loan, which usually occurs, the victim’s family, friends or employers are harassed by the company demanding they contact the victim to pressure the victim in paying off the debt. The company usually requires the victim to list family, friends and employer telephone numbers on the loan application.

Springfield Police remind citizens that offers of money, or reward over the internet or by conventional mail, that sounds too good to be true usually a scam.

Media Contact: Lt. David Millsap, phone: 417-864-1751; Release authorized by: Lt. David Millsap

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