December 09, 2010

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For Immediate Release

Donated Resuscitators Saved Seven Animals

In April, the Springfield Fire Department informed the public about the donation of three pet resuscitator kits from the Ozarks Kennel Club and Michael Opsomer, DVM, to the Department. These resuscitators are unique in that they are designed to more effectively fit the muzzles of animals than similar device a designed for humans.

Late Wednesday afternoon a fire occurred in the 2100 block of North Summit Avenue and during firefighting operations, six cats and one dog were pulled from the structure. It appeared that several of these animals were close to death and would not survive. Fortunately, firefighters were able to use the pet resuscitators, quickly applying the devices to the struggling animals. These critical patients were taken to an emergency veterinary facility for observation and treatment.

The Springfield Fire Department is happy to report all the pets survived and were returned to their owner. Additionally, thanks to a gesture of good will in this season of giving, an anonymous donor paid the entire veterinary bill.

For more information, contact: Randy Villines, Assistant Fire Chief, (417) 864-1527.

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