February 03, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Plowing of Springfield Residential Streets Complete

As of late Thursday, Feb. 3, all sectors of residential streets in Springfield have been plowed or are in the process of being plowed.

With few vehicles on the roads overnight Wednesday, Public Works crews were able to make a great deal of progress. With temperatures in the 20s today, salt and chemical treatments on road surfaces were able to work more effectively than on Wednesday.

In addition to continuing maintenance of major arterials and "collector" streets, Public Works will next begin transporting piled snow away from certain locations, especially those areas where snow has been plowed into the middle of roadways and where lanes need further widening because of the snow piles.

Late this evening, Public Works crews will return to 8-hour shifts, ending 50 continuous hours of 24/7 work in 12-hour shifts. Snow removal and response will continue, but at a more normal pace.

Citizens can call (417) 864-1966 to report slick spots on roads or to request plowing of residential streets that crews may have missed.

For more information, contact: Phil Broyles, Co-Interim Director of Public Works, (417) 864-1950; or Mike Brothers, Department of Public Information, (417) 864-1119 or (417) 894-9064.

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