February 04, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Residential Streets Plowed, But Not Perfect

With nearly all residential streets receiving attention from Public Works crews at this point, the City would like to remind residents that they will not see bare pavement on streets in their neighborhood just because plows have been through the area.

The intent of the City's emergency snow removal plan this week was to take off the "top" of the snow in the hours immediately after Tuesday's blizzard conditions left more than 10 inches of snow in the Springfield area. While major arterial roads and collector streets were taken down to bare pavement in most cases, the residential streets received one pass by a plow in each direction. This was to allow access by emergency vehicles, and make it easier for drivers to get from residences to larger roadways.

The extremely cold temperatures and wet snow, combined with vehicles driving on the roads, have created a snow pack on most residential streets. Large plows have very little effect on the packed snow that now covers many residential areas. The snow pack that remains is not unlike the ice found beneath the snow on one's sidewalk or driveway, which usually requires a swift kick to a shovelhead to break and remove.

It is worth noting that it is not the City's normal procedure to plow residential streets after a snow event. Public Works crews stopped plowing higher-priority arterial roads and "collector" streets earlier than normal this week in order to focus on the residential areas. This tripled the mileage workload, but the City felt it was a worthwhile tradeoff. With new snow falling Friday, crews are again turning their attention to higher-volume streets.

At this point, crews have plowed nearly all street segments, though there are some segments that may have been missed. With more than 7,700 street segments in Springfield, even a 1 percent miss rate means nearly 80 street segments may not have been plowed. Public Works has responded to several hundred calls for service in the last three days to address slick spots and the areas crews may have missed.

Drivers should continue to use caution when traveling on all city streets.

For more information, contact: Mike Brothers, Department of Public Information, (417) 864-1119 or (417) 894-9064.

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