March 14, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Aiport Master Plan Open to Public Review

This Thursday, March 17, the Airport holds its first public open house for the new airport master plan. Airport staff will be on hand to answer questions about the plan from the public. Comments and suggestions will be considered and incorporated into the plan as appropriate.

Please join us:

WHEN: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 6-8 pm

WHERE: The Board Room. Springfield-Branson National Airport, 2300 N. Airport Blvd., Springfield, Missouri. Please park in the employee parking lot. Enter the middle entrance on the east side of the terminal. The Board Room is immediately on the right.


It's a long-range planning document. It looks into the future and tries to predict what will happen at the Airport - how many passengers will use the Airport ten years from now? In 20 years? What kind of infrastructure improvements will the Airport need to make and when?

A master plan attempts to answer three main questions:

Airport master plans are typically reviewed and updated about every 20 years. Our Airport's first master plan was completed in 1967. It was updated in 1977 and 1993.


The master plan is not a "wish list" for new commercial airline service. The population of the metropolitan area, per capita income, and demand are the main factors driving airline service decisions.

The master plan is not a "wish list" for new facilities. The master plan is written by an objective, outside firm that tries to predict what facilities will be needed in the future to accommodate growth.


The Airport reviews the master plan on a regular basis to see how the plan's projections compare with reality.

Hypothetical example: suppose the plan projects that an additional parking lot will be needed when the Airport has one million passengers a year. As time goes on, and as passenger numbers approach one million, the Airport will know, with help from the master plan, that it's time to start building the additional parking lot.

Real world example: the Springfield airport's 1967 master plan identified the site for the airport's new terminal. The plan was updated in 1977. Of the update's many observations, one stands out. It concluded that the maximum capacity of the old terminal was 880,000 total passengers a year. The update said when "that level of activity is attained, a new passenger terminal complex will be required." That number was reached and exceeded in 2005. Thanks to the master plan, the new terminal was already being designed and its finance plan was close to completion. New terminal construction began in 2006. When the terminal opened in 2009, it was the end of a planning process that began 41 years before.

For more information, contact: Kent Boyd, Public Information and Marketing, Springfield-Branson National Airport, 417.868.0500