April 05, 2011

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2010 Year-End Crash Report Card

The City of Springfield's Department of Public Works Traffic Engineering Division has prepared the year-end Traffic Crash Report Card for 2010 (PDF). There were a total of 7,409 traffic crashes reported in Springfield in 2010, which is the lowest total of any year since 1997. This is also a reduction of more than 900 crashes than in 1999, the peak year for traffic crashes in the city. This achievement is noteworthy considering that traffic volumes have continued to grow during the past 13 years.

Unfortunately, there was a significant increase in fatality traffic crashes in Springfield, from 10 in 2009 to 19 in 2010. A total of 21 fatalities, including five pedestrians, resulted from those 19 crashes. Of those 19 fatal traffic crashes, at least 10 crashes involved alcohol or other drugs. Total traffic crashes decreased by 0.4 percent (27 fewer traffic crashes compared to 2009) and property damage-only crashes decreased by 1.2 percent (about 64 fewer crashes compared to 2009). The number of injury crashes increased by 1 percent (about 28 crashes).

Download a chart showing crashes totals from 1997-2010 (PDF).

Improvements Contributing To A Reduction In Crashes

Crash reduction is a result of conscientious and courteous driving by the public in combination with application of the "Three E's" – engineering, enforcement and education.

In 2010, Public Works replaced about 4,500 stop signs with signs of higher retro-reflectivity. In 2011, the program continues to upgrade all other warning and regulatory signs with more reflective sheeting. City crews are also switching to thermo-plastic road markings rather than paint, as thermo-plastic has a longer life span and is far more visible under adverse weather conditions.

As part of its ongoing Crash Remediation Program, Traffic Engineering staff has identified frequent crash locations and taken measures to address issues in those locations. For example, to address left-turn crashes on one-way streets downtown, lane markings and overhead signs have been installed at certain intersections to reduce sideswipe crashes.

Public Works also has been working with different Springfield schools to increase safety for students on their way to and from school.

The new Springfield/MoDOT Regional Transportation Management Center, located at the Public Works Service Center on Chestnut Expressway, just went into operation. MoDOT and City personnel monitor and coordinate traffic flow and respond to incidents from the TMC. The new facility enables staff to phase in the ATMS, or Advanced Traffic Management System, which will make use of traffic-monitoring cameras, traffic sensors and dynamic message signs to address issues and alert motorists in real-time. ATMS is an important tool to make our streets safer. Installation of devices is happening now, and is expected to be complete later this spring.

For questions and additional information, contact Mandy Buettgen, Public Works - Traffic Engineering Division, (417) 576-4302.

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