April 12, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Resources for Assistance With Springfield Smokefree Air Act

On April 5, 2011, the voters in the City of Springfield passed the "Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011" amending the city code and prohibiting smoking from enclosed public areas and workplaces within the City limits. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has been delegated the authority and enforcement agency on this policy. This is consistent with authority the health department has held for the enforcement of Springfield smoking ordinances that have been adopted and developed for more than twenty years.

The "Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011" will officially take effect on midnight June 11, 2011. In preparation of that event, the City of Springfield, the health department and other city departments will be working with community organizations, businesses and individuals to provide a clear understanding of ordinance requirements. In addition resources, education and assistance will be made available through the transition process. The following are a list of requirements included in the ordinance:

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department expects owners, managers or the designee to comply with this policy and ensure that the employees and patrons of your establishment are in compliance as well. If a person is found in violation, the owner, manager or designee should ask that person to cease the behavior violating the ordinance. If the person refuses, you should ask the person to leave the premises. If that person refuses to leave the premises, the owner, manager or designee should contact law enforcement. Violations of the ordinance will be enforced with the penalty clause outlined in the ordinance with fines beginning at $50 for individuals and $100 for managers/owners.

Resources, frequently asked questions, policy language and contact information for questions or complaints will be available on the web at www.springfieldmo.gov/smokefree or by calling 417-864-1010.

For more information contact: Katie Towns-Jeter MP, Public Information Administrator, 417-874-1205.

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