May 11, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

City Reminder: Keep Grass Clippings Out of Storm Drains

The City of Springfield would like to remind residents and commercial mowers that sweeping or blowing grass clippings or leaves into the street is against City ordinance. Sec. 96-27 prohibits putting lawn clippings or leaves in streets, gutters, or other portions of the stormwater system including ditches and storm drains. Streets and gutters flow into the storm water drainage system, which in turn flows into area streams, rivers, and lakes. The storm water drainage system does not flow to the wastewater treatment plant like the sanitary sewer.

Disposing of grass clippings or leaves in the street or other portions of the stormwater drainage system can create flooding, water quality and safety issues. When the system becomes blocked with grass clippings and leaves it creates a flooding potential that could result in property damage. Disposing of grass clippings and leaves in the street also can create safety concerns by reducing traction between vehicles and the roadway.

Residents can take grass clippings, leaves, and other yardwaste to one of three City Recycling Centers. The Yardwaste Recycling Center, located near the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, accepts unlimited quantities in bulk or bags at no charge from city residents; people outside city limits are asked to consider an honor fee of 50 cents per bag. The Franklin Recycling Center, 731 N. Franklin Ave., and the Lone Pine Recycling Center, 3020 S. Lone Pine Ave., limit yardwaste to 10 bags per day.

Yardwaste is accepted from commercial haulers and lawn services at no charge at the Yardwaste Recycling Center, but is not accepted at the Franklin and Lone Pine recycling centers.

State law bans yardwaste from Missouri landfills. The materials accepted at the recycling centers are processed into landscaping mulch and high-quality compost products available for purchase. For more information or product availability status, call the Recycling Hotline at 864-1904 or visit

For more information, contact: Mike Brothers, Department of Public Information, (417) 864-1119; or Barbara Lucks, Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division, (417) 864-2005.

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