June 08, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Public Comment Period Open for City's Storm Water Permit

The City of Springfield's storm water discharge permit has been put forth for public comment by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as required by law. Comments will be accepted by MDNR through June 26.

This permit is technically known as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. The federal Clean Water Act requires all cities with a population of more than 100,000 people to obtain an individual permit to discharge stormwater from its boundaries. The permit specifies the federal and state requirements that must be met by the City under the Clean Water Act to address the potential impacts of storm water runoff on our waterways. The requirements of this permit represent an unfunded federal mandate that communities must fund locally.

Urban stormwater contains pollutants from streets, parking lots, buildings, yards and other land uses that flow directly to area streams, lakes and waterways without going through a treatment plant, therefore, it is important to make an effort to reduce pollution and other negative impacts of runoff.

The City has been operating under an MS4 permit since 2002. Some of the changes proposed in the revised permit on public notice include stricter limits on runoff from new development and redevelopment, expanded sampling and monitoring of waterways, and expanded requirements for water quality protection measures in the City's capital improvement projects and operations. The revised permit will also require the development of a formal Storm Water Management Plan to implement the new changes. The City must also continue other requirements of the permit such as the programs for public education and involvement, illicit discharges and industrial runoff that it has been developing since 2002. Citizens and stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input to the City on the development of the plan once the new permit is issued.

At this time, interested persons may wish to submit comments on the requirements contained in the revised permit to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Although anyone may comment on the permit during this public notice period, interested stakeholders may include environmental, government, business and engineering organizations.

Comments should be submitted to publicnoticenpdes@dnr.mo.gov with reference to the Springfield MS4 permit. The permit can be viewed at www.dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/permits/pn/0126322.pdf.

Questions about the City's stormwater management program can be directed to Todd Wagner or Carrie Lamb at (417) 864-1901 or go to www.springfieldmo.gov/stormwater.

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