July 27, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Transportation Survey to Close July 29

The Department of Public Works Transportation Survey will close at 5 p.m., this Friday, July 29. The survey opened in late June asking citizens to choose their top priorities for transportation improvements in Springfield survey. More than 1,000 surveys have been completed thus far.

Prior to the survey, Public Works engineers identified more than 70 proposed projects designed to not only make streets safer, but also more user-friendly for all modes of transportation. The list was created using the following criteria:

The survey asks citizens to choose five projects they would like to see prioritized and to write in one of their own that is not currently on the list. The survey is open to anyone who lives, works or otherwise visits Springfield and uses the City transportation system, because improvements are largely funded by sales tax revenue.

The City has two dedicated sales taxes for transportation improvements (1/8-cent and 1/4-cent) that voters have renewed by wide margins in recent years. Taken together, along with various federal funding and grants, these revenue streams will produce about $200 million for improvements in the next 20 years. The survey results will be used to help Public Works and the City determine where resources should be directed in the coming years.

A link to the Public Works Transportation Survey can be found on the City's website at: www.springfieldmo.gov/traffic.

For more information, contact: Phil Broyles, Director of Public Works, (417) 864-1900; or Mike Brothers, Co-Interim Director of Public Information, (417) 864-1119.

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