August 24, 2011

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Resurfaced Division to Gain New Lane Markings

Last week, a contractor working for the City of Springfield began working on the resurfacing of Division Street from Campbell Avenue to Glenstone Avenue. Once the pavement is replaced, new markings will give Division a new look and feel — one that is indicative of the City's "complete streets" philosophy.

The new Division Street will have three lanes for traffic —one through lane in each direction with a center left-turn lane — from Commercial Street to Campbell Avenue, and from National Avenue to Glenstone Avenue.

The markings on Division will result in all-new, dedicated left-turn lanes at the traffic signals at Grant Avenue and Fremont Avenue. These will relieve bottlenecks created by vehicles stopping in a through traffic lane to turn left, thus reducing the potential for rear-end crashes. The new markings will also result in wider lanes with space for bicycles by using both dedicated bicycle lanes and "share the lane" areas between Broadway Avenue and Benton Avenue on Division. Improved infrastructure for bicycles was a common theme among citizen responses in the recent Public Works Transportation Survey.

All of the traffic lane changes will be accomplished within the width of the existing street without any reconstruction.

"When we talk about 'complete streets' we aren't necessarily talking about expensive widening projects or major redesigns of our roadways," says Phil Broyles, Director of Public Works. "These concepts can often be applied to existing streets by simply re-thinking how we approach traffic flow and how we accommodate all modes of transportation."

Re-surfacing is expected to be complete by the end of this week. Once that work is complete, City Public Works crews will begin marking Division. Marking will take several days to complete, weather permitting.

Motorists are requested to use caution with traveling around the work crews and exercise patience in learning the new traffic lane patterns.

For more information, contact: Martin Gugel, Traffic Engineer - Operations, at 864-1980.

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