September 09, 2011

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For Immediate Release

Fire Engine Wreck Ruled Accidental

The Springfield Police Department has completed its investigation into the Sept. 7 accident involving a Springfield Fire Department engine. The report found that the driver of the fire engine, Firefighter Paul McGuire, accidentally began to veer off the right side of the road. He attempted to regain control of the engine, but as he did, it tipped over and came to rest on its side.

An independent fire apparatus mechanic was called in to evaluate the fire engine for possible mechanical issues. The report indicated no mechanical issues with the engine. The normal daily check was performed by Fire Department personnel on the vehicle the day before, and no issues were noted in that report. Speed was not identified as a factor in the police report.

McGuire has been with the Springfield Fire Department since October 11, 1993. He began rotational driving assignments for the Department shortly thereafter. Since that time, he has not been involved in any motor vehicle accidents. McGuire has been assigned to Station 11 since October 15, 2006 and has regularly operated as the relief driver on the specific engine that was involved. During the past year, he has driven the vehicle for a total of 25 full shifts and six half shifts. On March 8, 2011, he completed his annual emergency driver’s training course and demonstrated the required competency skills.

McGuire remains in the St. John’s Hospital intensive care unit, and is in fair condition.

The police report, fire marshal’s report, Fire Department motor vehicle accident report (which includes the daily inspection report); and the third-party mechanical report are all available upon request by contacting Mike Brothers, Department of Public Information, (417) 864-1119 or

For more information or interviews, contact: Fire Chief David Hall, (417) 838-4730; Assistant Fire Chief Randy Villines, (417) 864-1527; or Assistant Fire Chief David Pennington, (417) 864-1530.

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