December 14, 2011

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Holiday Travel Tips for Flying

Air travel during the holidays has a bad rap. It's portrayed as a time when airports and airplanes are overrun by huge, monstrous crowds.

In reality, the holidays aren't much different than any other time of year — there are long lines, canceled flights, crowded airplanes, frazzled fliers. And the number of people flying isn't significantly different than any other time of the year.

But the holiday travel season does have one thing the rest of the year doesn't: lots of infrequent fliers. They often arrive at the airport late and they don't know the drill — they don't know where to park, where the ticket counter is, or how to get through security in a timely fashion. The end result: lines that are longer than they need to be!

With these thoughts in mind, the Springfield-Branson National Airport offers these holiday tips for infrequent and first time fliers:

By following these tips the stress of holiday flying really can go away…well…at least some of it!

For more information, contact: Kent Boyd, Public Information and Marketing, 417.868.0508 or 417.844.2255 (cell),