December 19, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Cora Scott Named Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement

The City of Springfield is pleased to announce the selection of Cora Scott as the City's next Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement.

Scott currently serves as Mercy Media Relations Manager for St. John's Health System, where she is responsible for media and public communication for Mercy's north central region. Scott has served St. John's Health System in similar public relations roles since 1993. Scott holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Drury University.

"The City of Springfield is very fortunate to have someone of Cora's experience, energy, and talents joining our team," said Greg Burris, City Manager. "I believe she will be a great addition, and we are looking forward to her leadership in developing creative ways to engage with the community."

Scott will be the first Public Information Officer at the City to also have responsibilities for civic engagement in addition to the more traditional PIO-related responsibilities. These additional responsibilities include developing strategies and programs to increase citizen participation and trust in local government, and promoting community understanding of civic issues.

"I am excited for the opportunity to communicate the City's vision for the future, encourage community involvement, and hopefully, further open dialogue in ways that help make our great City even better," Cora said. "I truly believe this community is the best place to live, work, and play."

Scotts' anticipated start date will be January 18, 2012. Her annual salary will be $80,005.

The Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement position, a department head, has been vacant and "frozen" in the City's budget since May 2010. One of the co-interim PIOs recently transferred to another position within the City. Given this situation of two leadership-level positions within the department being vacant, the City Manager elected to fill one of the two positions. The salary for the PIO is being funded via salary savings from the recently vacated position and other General Fund monies. At this time, the other position remains vacant and "frozen" within the City's budget.

For more information, contact: City Manager, Greg Burris, (417) 864-1006; or Sheila Maerz, Director of Human Resources – City of Springfield, (417) 864-1600.

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