December 29, 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Nuisance Code Enforcement Shifts to Building Development

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012, Springfield citizens wanting to report issues regarding tall weeds, trash or inoperable vehicles should call the City’s Public Information Department at 864-1011. In the past, citizens have been able to call Public Information and the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to make these types of requests.

Starting in 2012, the primary responsibilities of nuisance code enforcement will shift from the Health Department to the City’s Building Development Services Department (BDS). The move is essentially a re-alignment – the services themselves are not being changed.

The change means five city staffers will move from the Health Department to BDS. These employees’ primary duties included investigating calls regarding weeds, trash, and inoperable vehicles. The change also means these five employees will be available to conduct other types of zoning and land development inspections done by BDS, such as reports of multiple unrelated people living in one residence or home business violations. The health department will continue to investigate calls regarding potential vectors of disease, including rodents and mosquitoes.

For more information, contact: Chris Straw, Director of Building Development Services, (417) 864-1059; or Kevin Gipson, Director of Health, (417) 864-1655.

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