January 04, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Councilman Ibarra Resigns

At 3:30 this afternoon, Mayor James E. O'Neal asked the City Clerk's Office to forward to City Council a letter of resignation signed by Nick Ibarra. The letter requests that Mr. Ibarra's resignation be considered effective immediately.

According to the City Charter, City Council will select an individual to serve until the "next regular city election," which will occur in April 2013. Elections such as the February 2012 or August 2012 elections are considered "special elections" and do not apply to this circumstance. The person selected by City Council will serve out the rest of Mr. Ibarra's term until April 2013, at which time this seat is up for election via a public vote.

City staff will begin working to develop a specific procedure and proposed timeline for filling the Zone 1 Council vacancy. In generally, the process will be similar to the process used two years ago to fill the Zone 3 Council vacancy when Ralph Manley resigned. The City Manager anticipates that more information on the procedure and proposed timeline will be available later this week.

For more information, contact Greg Burris, City Manager, at (417) 864-1006.

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