January 20, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

"Test My Teen" Home Drug Kits Available

The Springfield Police Department recognizes that unfortunately, "friends" often try harder to make kids who say no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco feel like outcasts. Home testing kits have emerged that protect privacy and provide kids with a socially acceptable excuse, "my parents test me."

For years, police have been the first to know when local kids used drugs while their parents were often the last to know. The SPD in conjunction with the Missouri Police Chiefs is combating this through a new alliance with TestMyTeen.com, an organization that has donated over $5,000 worth of free home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents who need them.

Employers use testing to rid the workplace of substance abuse. Schools, police, community leaders and parents can now work together to ensure safer schools and homes. Kids can use it to prove their trustworthiness to their parents and dissolve unwanted pressure from peers.

Private and confidential vouchers for free test kits are available electronically by visiting the SPD's web site at www.springfieldmo.gov/spd/index.html

The link to Test My Teen is located at the bottom of the webpage. Test kits are limited to 1 per family.

Answers to frequently asked questions about home-based substance abuse testing are available at www.TestMyTeen.com

Media Contact: Cpl. Matt Brown, phone: 417-864-1786
Release authorized by: Lt. Kirk Manlove

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