February 08, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Post-election Steps Outlined by City Officials

Final results from yesterday's election are expected to be provided to the City Tuesday, Feb. 14, according to Greene County Clerk Richard Struckhoff. He notes that due to Monday being a state holiday, and changes to the election law that increases the time necessary to certify the election, it will take longer than originally expected.

City Clerk Brenda Cirtin expects City Council to declare the results at a special Council Meeting, Tuesday Feb. 21, just prior to the City Council lunch.

According to City Manager Greg Burris, the City will begin to determine what resources, including a new position, will be necessary to enforce the new E-verify ordinance per voters' wishes and the taxpayer fund resources necessary to cover these new costs. A timeline for implementation will also be developed soon.

"We will also monitor any possible Court-ordered stays of enforcement so as not to needlessly waste taxpayer dollars. If a lawsuit occurs, the City will attempt to defend the voters' decision using internal City Attorney's staff resources as much as possible and determine which other projects will be put on hold. Any additional fees for external legal assistance will come from the City's Rainy Day fund," Burris said.

For more information, contact Cora Scott, Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement, at 417-864-1009.

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