March 27, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Celebrate Over 20 Years of Trails with Greenways

Ozark Greenways invites the public to celebrate more than two decades years of trails and greenspace preservation at the 21th annual Ozark Greenways Membership Party, Sunday, April 1, 1-3 p.m., at Galloway Station, 4211 S. Lone Pine, on Galloway Creek Greenway.

Attendees are encouraged to use the trail before or after the party, to bike to the event if possible, and to bring friends. The event is mostly social, with a brief program and question and answer session at 2 p.m., The event is free, and food and drink service will be available from the restaurant at a charge.

"Can you believe it's been 21 years since Ozark Greenways began preserving greenspace for public enjoyment in Springfield?" asked Lori Tack, Program Director for Ozark Greenways. "Nowadays you can go to any of the greenway trails and see all types of people. It's typical to see entire families there walking, biking or running together."

Thousands of people use Springfield's trails each week for fun, recreation, health, transportation and the enjoyment of nature close to home. More people are learning how the trail network gets developed, and how important membership to Ozark Greenways is in the process of making Springfield more bike-friendly.

While public demand for greenway trails and on-street bike routes is at an all-time high, funding is at an all-time low. Each year Ozark Greenways has a membership party to celebrate the organization's and the community's accomplishments and to reinforce the importance of membership to - now more than ever!

Ozark Greenways 2012 Board of Directors:

President – J.D. Slaughter; Vice President – John Montgomery; Treasurer – Vicki Lindsey; Secretary – Brian Roy; Past President – Richard Rice

Marla Calico, Kit Carson, Mike Chiles, Mary Goss Crowson, Carol Cruise, Chris Flouer, David Hutchison, Brad Kielhofner, Kurt Larson, Barbara Lucks, Gene McKeen, Tom Netzer, Barry Sabor

Terry Whaley, Executive Director, (417) 864-2014,
Lori Tack, Program Coordinator, 864-2015,

Ozark Greenways–P.O. Box 50733–Springfield, MO 65805–(417) 864-2015–