May 11, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Bike to Work Week Begins Monday

Join Ozark Greenways for their fun, annual Bike to Work Week challenge, May 14-18. Leave the car behind at least one day that week to get to work or school by biking, taking the bus, walking, carpooling, telecommuting or combining modes. The public is encouraged to try out the City of Springfield's newly expanded on-street bike route network. Our goal is to highlight Springfield's current alternative transportation options and support future expansion. See all the details and register on our Drive Less page at

Ozark Greenways' new "Let's Go Smart" campaign ties in nicely to this effort as we expand our public promotion of Springfield's alternative transportation choices and support future improvements.

Photo/story opportunities throughout the week!

Join any of our staff (Executive Director, Terry Whaley; Program Coordinator, Lori Tack) or various City officials (City Manager Greg Burris; Park Board Public Information Administrator Jenny Edwards; Health Department Public Information Administrator Mike Brothers; City Traffic Engineer David Hutchison) as they commute by bike or bus throughout the week.

Lori Tack, Ozark Greenways (417) 864-2015 /
Terry Whaley, Ozark Greenways (417) 864-2014 /

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