June 22, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Lake Shore Apartment Fire Source: "Makeshift" Ashtray

The Springfield Fire Department investigation into the origin and cause of the fire at the Lakeshore Apartments is complete.

The origin of the fire has been determined to be on the 3rd floor balcony of Apartment 2111. The fire originated in the southeast corner of the balcony in or around a plastic "Tupperware" container, which was being used as a makeshift ashtray. The fire spread from the ashtray, traveled up the exterior wall of the apartment and extended into the attic of the building.

Fire Marshal Phil Noah said the cause of the fire has been determined to be accidental and the incident is closed to further investigation.

The final report for this incident should be available for release by Wednesday June 27, 2012.

Fire Safety Note

This is the third significant apartment fire over the past nine months caused by careless smoking or improperly discarding smoking materials.

The Springfield Fire Department Fire Prevention office warns citizens against discarding smoking materials on combustible balconies or decks of any structure. Smoking materials should only be discarded in containers designed for this use because any other type of container poses a high risk of causing a fire.

For more information, contact: Cora Scott, Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement, 417-864-1009 (office) | 417-380-3352 (cell), cscott@springfieldmo.gov

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