August 16, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Mayor Selected to Blog for The Huffington Post

Springfield's Mayor Bob Stephens was asked by The Huffington Post to blog as part of a new dedicated section called "Opportunity: What is Working." The section features blog posts from mayors, governors, and other elected officials enacting strategies to bring jobs to their constituents.

"To change the narrative away from a fatalistic acceptance of our unemployment crisis, The Huffington Post is launching a site dedicated to what is working – including small businesses creating jobs, state and city initiatives, social entrepreneurs, job creation and training programs, internships, and many other innovative solutions, big and small," The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington wrote in a letter to Mayor Stephens. "As a leader if this field, we would love to include your voice in this conversation."

Huffington went on to explain, that the site is a prelude to a special event The Huffington Post will hold at the Democratic and Republican National conventions that will include a panel discussion putting the spotlight on the creative solutions that are being implemented all around the country but rarely get the media spotlight.

Mayor Stephens' first blog post appeared yesterday and was followed by a Tweet from @ariannahuff to the media mogul's 985,426 Twitter followers.

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