August 29, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

DWI Checkpoint This Weekend

The Springfield Police Department is planning to conduct a DWI checkpoint at some point this weekend. The operation will consist of approximately 20 - 25 police officers whose primary objective is to catch drunk drivers before they cause an accident or place others in danger. The operation will be funded through a Missouri Department of Transportation grant.

As traffic approaches the checkpoint, it will be funneled to two lanes and directed to stop. A police officer will approach each vehicle and ask the driver to produce a license. The driver will also be asked if they have been drinking. Any driver that can produce a valid driver's license and has not been drinking should not be delayed any longer than approximately three minutes.

The Springfield Police Department believes operations such as this can reduce the number of drunken drivers in our city. Continued enforcement will play a part in our efforts to make Springfield a safer place to drive.

Media Contact: Cpl Matt Brown 417-864-1786
Release authorized by: Sgt Tom Luellen

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