October 25, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Three Missing Women Investigation

Investigators with the Springfield Police Department have been in contact with the McDonald County Sheriff's Office in reference to the missing persons investigation involving Stacy McCall, Suzanne Streeter, and Sherill Levitt. The same information obtained by the McDonald County Sheriff's Office was first received by the Springfield Police Department in 2009 and has been thoroughly investigated. The inmate interviewed has provided several conflicting statements, none of which are consistent with the facts of the case. We are always open to any new developments related to this case and will fully investigate them. We will review any new information the McDonald County Sheriff's Office may have obtained to determine if any further investigation of this particular lead is warranted.

The Springfield Police Department continues to receive tips related to this investigation from a variety of sources, including other law enforcement agencies on a regular basis and each of those are investigated to the fullest extent possible.

The Springfield Police Department will not comment further as this continues to be an open and active investigation. We ask that other law enforcement agencies follow this standard investigative practice and communicate with us rather than publicly releasing information related to this or any other open investigation.

SPD Case Number: 92-40169
Media Contact: Cpl. Matt Brown, phone: 417-864-1786
Release authorized by: Lt. Tad Peters

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