November 02, 2012

News Release

For Immediate Release

Councilman Thomas Bieker Resigns

Springfield City Councilmember Thomas Bieker resigned today, indicating in a letter to Mayor Bob Stephens (pdf) that he and his wife Natalie have bought a house and moved to a location that is outside the City Limits of Springfield. At that address, Bieker will be ineligible to serve on Springfield City Council.

His resignation is effective immediately. Bieker was elected as an at-large (General Seat D) City Council member in April 2011. He served as a member of the The Plans and Policies Committee and The Community Involvement Committee.

"Tom has been a tireless representative of Springfield citizens and has provided invaluable assistance to Council from his professional background in environmental engineering," said Mayor Stephens.

"We appreciate the service and time Mr. Bieker has given to the City and wish him and his family well in their new environs. Given Mr. Bieker's energy level and interest, I would hope to see him involved in government service again in the near future, whether it be at the county or the state level."

The Mayor and City Council will begin working to develop a specific procedure and proposed timeline for filling the Council vacancy.

"My colleagues on City Council have been an amazing network of support over the past few years and I look forward to watching their continued leadership," Bieker said in his letter. "It has truly been a pleasure, and I look forward to find ways to continue my contribution to the community in the future."

What are the residency requirements for City Council?

Detailed in Section 2.2 of the City Charter (Approved by vote of the people April 3, 1984), each Councilmember must be a qualified voter of the city and have been a resident thereof for at least two years immediately prior to his or her election or appointment.

For more information, contact Mayor Bob Stephens at 417-864-1651.

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