February 11, 2013

News Release

For Immediate Release

Packed Council Meeting Expected for Zoning Issue

A packed house is expected tonight at Historic City Hall as City Council holds a public hearing regarding a proposal to rezone an area near Grand and Campbell to make way for a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. As of Monday morning, the City Clerk's office reports that 20 people have signed up to speak to the issue. Speakers are allotted five minutes each.

City Council will deal with action items on the agenda, prior to beginning the public hearing on the proposed commercial rezoning.

Two overflow rooms will be set up outside council chambers - on the second and third floors - with video screens allowing citizens to view and hear the proceedings. It is still anticipated, howeverthat turnout may exceed the building's fire code capacity.

As a result, officials encourage citizens to dress warmly, as they may not be allowed in the building due to overcrowding. The temperature is expected to drop to the freezing point tonight, according to local weather reports.

The City's Department of Public Information will broadcast and live web stream the meeting:

Officials also remind citizens planning to attend the meeting in Council Chambers that certain rules apply. These rules are outlined in the City's Code:

Section 2-45 Subsection C

Signs and displays. No person shall carry or display a sign inside the city council chambers or any other similar type of written communication which is carried or displayed, except nothing contained in this section shall be construed to prohibit a person from using visual materials when presenting a matter to the city council. The city council hereby determines that signs or displays in the council chambers may obstruct the view of citizens, can cause injury and affect the decorum of city council meetings, and are hereby prohibited for such reasons. The sergeant-at-arms shall inform citizens when signs or displays violate this section and shall remove the signs or displays from the council chambers or may cause citizens carrying such signs or displays to be removed from the council chambers.

- (Code 1981, § 2-15)

People who violate the city code or disrupt the decorum of the meeting may be asked to leave the meeting.

For more information, contact Cora Scott at 417-380-3352 or cscott@springfieldmo.gov.

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