February 19, 2013

News Release

For Immediate Release

Amendment to Rezoning Issue Details 'No-build' Provision

A proposal before Springfield's City Council to rezone a property at Grand and Campbell from residential to commercial was amended at the Feb. 11 Council meeting.

Officials representing the potential developer, Walmart, agreed to a no-build provision on a portion of the property west of the detention area west of the proposed building.

City staff has prepared the amended Conditional Overlay District as follows:

13) The site plan shall be marked so that the portion of the property west of the detention area located west of the building, is designated as a "NO BUILD" area, and shall be noted on the site plan that "No habitable building, parking or other structure of any nature may be built, but the area may be used for open space and for open space amenities".

Citizens who did not speak at the Feb. 18 public hearing, may sign-up with the City Clerk's Office to speak to the amendment only, at the next Council meeting, Monday, Feb. 25.

City Council is expected to vote on the issue at the Feb. 25 meeting.

To sign up to speak, contact the City Clerk's office at 417-864-1651.

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