March 21, 2013

News Release

For Immediate Release

Wilson's Creek Tree Planting Event Postponed

The Wilson's Creek tree planting event planned for this weekend, March 22-23 has been postponed until April 5-6 due to the impending winter storm. This storm has the potential to drop several inches of snow and rain on the Springfield area over the next 48 hours. Event location, start and end times and all other details will remain the same. Volunteers will received any updates via email.

"We regret the necessity of rescheduling this event. However, the potential for below average temperatures, ice covered roads and possible flooding makes it difficult to provide for the safety of our wonderful volunteers," said Joe Pitts, Director of the James River Basin Partnership.

Tiffany Frey, volunteer coordinator for the James River Basin Partnership said the group has had an excellent response with regard to volunteers for the project. "Hopefully most of our volunteers will be able to make the new date. If additional volunteers are needed another press release will be sent, and I am confidentthat we will be able to fill our volunteer slots," she said.

For more information, contact: Joe Pitts at (417) 836-8878.