April 19, 2013

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Choose Environmental Excellence Awards Presentation

The Thirteenth Annual Springfield/Greene County Choose Environmental Excellence awards were presented Friday, April 19 at a luncheon at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce as a part of Springfield's Earth Day festivities. Thirteen organizations presented awards this year.

The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks award showcased accomplishments that further the protection of Springfield's drinking water resources. Mike Kromrey, Executive Director, presented the award.

Rick Scarlet and Gloria Johnson was chosen by the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks for their 2013 Choose Environmental excellence Award. Rick and Gloria have taken their nearly 100-year-old bungalow in the Rountree Neighborhood and made it much more water and energy efficient, and they have also added significant renewable energy generation capabilities. The achievement specifically highlighted was their rainwater harvesting system, reducing the amount of stormwater from their property by using that water for some of their needs, offsetting their demand on the public water supply. They are local leaders in sustainability and share their experiences with others who want to learn. Rick Scarlet accepted the award. (Contact: Mike Kromrey 417-866-1127)

Solid Waste Management District "O" Executive Board recognized efforts toward waste reduction and recycling with their Environmental Service Award. District "O" covers the counties of Christian, Polk, Dallas, Greene and Webster. Robert Hamilton, Waste District Planner, presented the awards.

David Doherty was chosen by the Solid Waste Management District “O” Executive Board to receive the first 2012 Environmental Service Award (ESA). Mr. Doherty is the General Manager of Web-Co Custom Industries, Inc., a sheltered workshop for disabled employees. Web-Co's mission is to improve the landscape by promoting recycling in their area, "to reinvent" recycled items into something useful and sustainable for our environment, and to provide continued employment opportunities for the disabled citizens of Webster County.

In July 2009, Web-Co assumed operation of the Warren Beck Memorial Recycling Center in Marshfield and began a substantial expansion of recycling efforts in Webster County and, additionally, throughout the entire District O region. Under David's tenure, Web-Co has grown from a 1,000 square foot facility to over 20,000 square feet in size and has seen a substantial increase in the number of individual citizens who utilize the recycling center. In addition to providing stable employment for disabled workers, Web-Co has also helped implement sustainable recycling infrastructure in this area by assisting the City of Rogersville with their recycling efforts. David's cooperative attitude and willingness to help other entities in our area has served as a valuable resource for the District. David Doherty and Gary Alexander accepted the award.

Ronda Long (Gulley) was chosen by the Solid Waste Management District “O” Executive Board to receive their second 2012 Environmental Service Award (ESA) for her excellent service of more than ten years as Waste District “O” Associate District Planner. Ronda’s service has included administrative functions supporting the Executive Board and administering the district grants. (Contact: Robert Hamilton 417-859-5786).

The Springfield/Greene County Environmental Advisory Board recognized a business, agency, group or individual that has gone beyond normal practices to promote, improve or support sustainable environmentally conscious activities. Board Chair, Melissa Cox and Board Vice Chair, Jason Hainline, made the presentation.

Springfield Public Schools was recognized by the Springfield/Greene County Environmental Advisory Board for their district wide sustainability initiatives. Director of Facilities, Dave Bishop, has implemented numerous energy efficiency measures to drive down energy use and costs, literally saving hundreds of thousands of community tax dollars. SPS has implemented a successful district-wide recycling program, green housekeeping program and has partnered with the Springfield Urban Agricultural Coalition to install gardens at 10 or more schools, providing educational opportunities to school youth by producing and consuming local sustainable-grown foods. In 2007, the School Board adopted guidelines for all new schools to be designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. In 2010, the new Hickory Hills K-8 School became the first LEED Certified School in the District's portfolio, and three more are currently in construction. SPS is a member of the Partnership for Sustainability, supporting the exploration and implementation of sustainable practices throughout the community. Dave Bishop accepted the award. (Contact: Barbara Lucks – 417- 864-2005)

The Ozarks Clean Air Alliance, a subcommittee of the Environmental Collaborative of the Community Partnership of the Ozarks, recognized efforts made to benefit the health of citizens in the region through air quality protection and improvement. Dr. Dave Fraley, Director of Environmental Affairs, City Utilities of Springfield, presented the award.

Tiffany Drake, P.E., the former Chief of the State Implementation Plan Unit in the Air Quality Planning Section of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, was recognized by Ozarks Clean Air Alliance (OCAA). In that capacity, Ms. Drake was instrumental in providing public outreach and education on air issues facing Greene County and Southwest Missouri. This, in turn, helped OCAA motivate local stakeholders in developing a voluntary action plan. Tiffany's active involvement in the process is emblematic of the Air Pollution Control Program's community-based facilitation approach to local air issues. This refreshing approach was instituted by Leanne Tippett Mosby as DNR Air Director and continues today under Kyra Moore, P.E. Recently, Ms. Drake moved on to accept other responsibilities in DNR's Hazardous Waste Section. Accordingly, OCAA saw fit this year to honor her efforts in Southwest Missouri and throughout the state toward securing our air quality future. (Contact: Barbara Lucks – 417-864-2005)

The Tree City USA Citizens Advisory Committee recognized efforts toward protecting and enhancing Springfield's community forest. Chair, Jane Earnhart and committee member Vivian Wasson, made the presentation. The Tree City USA Citizens Advisory Committee presented two awards this year.

Missouri State University was recognized by Tree City USA Citizens Advisory Committee. Missouri State University President, Clif Smart has demonstrated his commitment to sustainability by appointing a Sustainability Advisory Committee comprised of key personnel from all functional areas of the University plus community representation, also including students who will carry the banner for sustainability far into the future. This Committee provided the guidance to establish MSU as a Tree Campus USA member. John Clark, Assistant Director of Facilities Management for Grounds Services accepted the award.

Dr. Janice Greene, faculty member in the Department of Biology at Missouri State University, was the second award recipient. She has served on the TCUSACAC first as a member, and then as chairman, during which time she developed the Tree Species List for the City of Springfield. In addition, other involvements which are reflective of her passion for trees and environmental conservation, include her status as Co-Founder and Co-Director of GLADE (Green Leadership Academy for Diverse Ecosystems), and Director of the Bull Shoals Field Station, where she has expanded the station's outreach and established a growing network of conservation partners and supporters. She has facilitated efforts to research Ozarks ecosystems, to restore critical habitat, to prepare educators for the science classroom, and to identify and train youth conservation leaders of tomorrow. She also conducts workshops in Project Learning Tree, Project WILD and Project WET, all national environmental education programs. (Contacts: Casey Kellner – 864-1135, Benjamin Kellner – 417-864-1178)

The Greater Ozarks Audubon Society (GOAS) recognized exemplary efforts toward their mission of promoting bird conservation in southwest Missouri. Dave Catlin, presented the award.

Myra Scroggs was awarded the Greater Ozarks Audubon Society’s 2013 Choose Environmental Excellence Award. Myra has been a long-time member and volunteer with GOAS. She stepped down from a position on the organization’s Board just this month, after serving 10 years in a variety of positions, including two as President. Much of her work has been behind the scenes, however. She has spearheaded the organization’s recent work protecting the upper reaches of South Creek in Springfield, overseen the Audubon Adventures education program, and helped reinvigorate the club’s annual Birdathon fundraiser. Always quick to volunteer, Myra has contributed hundreds of hours of time to support Audubon’s work conserving birds and their habitats in southwest Missouri. Dave Catlin accepted the award on Myra’s behalf. (Contact: Dave Catlin at 417-889-9940)

The Environmental Collaborative of the Community Partnership of the Ozarks recognized efforts exemplifying partnering and working together to foster an appreciation of the role of a healthy natural environment in the health and well being of the southwest Missouri region. Trent Sims, Director of Community Collaborative Initiative, presented the award.

Ann Wallenmeyer was chosen by the Environmental Collaborative of the Community Partnership of the Ozarks From the moment Ann became Science Facilitator for Springfield Public Schools, she made a positive difference in our community. She facilitates science for K-12 students and teachers. One of her passions is to be a lifelong learner and she passes that on to anyone with whom she works. She is active in the Springfield community – an excellent representative of R-12. She has been a part of the Environmental Collaborative since taking her current position and has been instrumental – working with OCAA and City staff – in the development and implementation of a comprehensive teaching unit on air quality that will be presented to teachers via workshops this summer with classroom roll-out coming this fall. She is an asset to the Collaborative and to the community she serves.

Ozark Greenways, Inc. recognized efforts toward meeting the organization's mission of preserving green space through linear parks (greenways/trails). Terry Whaley, Executive Director, presented the award.

Martin MacDonald, a long time supporter and friend of trails and the greenway movement in Springfield, was recognized by Ozark Greenways. While Martin MacDonald has supported Ozark Greenways activities thru his association with Bass Pro, he was recognized and thanked for his individual and personal interest in Greenways projects, activities, and the Ozark Greenway mission of “Preserving and protecting the Ozarks’ natural heritage”.

Martin’s interest in protecting the outdoors as a resource is balanced with his own interest in seeing people properly use, and enjoy the resources which nature has provided. He has been the vision behind the Bass Pro Fitness Festival which started as a local 5-K race on the South Creek Greenway to benefit Ozark Greenways. Today this event and its month long menus of fitness and outdoor skill activities have become a major destination event for the Springfield community, and an inspiration for local residents to get fit and take on one of the many fitness challenges the festival offers. Terry Whaley accepted the award on Martin’s behalf. (Contact: Terry Whaley at 417-864-2014)

Springfield Plateau Chapter Missouri Master Naturalists recognized the outstanding contributions of an individual toward conservation of the natural environment. President, Michael Baird, President, presented the award.

Bob Korpella is the 2013 Springfield Plateau Missouri Master Naturalist Choose Environmental Excellence Award Honoree. Bob is a most deserving Conservationist.

Bob has developed a Master Naturalist Aquatic Trunk and has taught several programs on mammals, insects, and aquatic Life. Bob serves on a Stream Team and is Chair of our Master Naturalist Program Committee. (Contact: Jennifer Ailor at 417-581-4018)

Ozarks Green Building Coalition recognized accomplishments furthering the acceptance and implementation of green building practices. Zach Miller made the presentation.

Dave Lowry was recognized by Ozarks Green Building Coalition as their 2013 recipient. Mr. Lowry had a dream for many years of a way to get at-risk students involved in a local neighborhood improvement project. With the collaboration of Ozarks Technical Community College, the Division of Youth Services, the City of Springfield, plus civic, community and business leaders, this dream is coming true. Funded by a HUD grant obtained by the City of Springfield and a private contributions, students from both OTC and youth services will receive class credit and a small hourly wage for their work that will include landscaping, sheet rocking, tiling, putting up siding and other basic carpentry work – constructing a 1500-square-foot home, with expected building cost of $95,000 on North Clay Avenue. Other homes are expected to be constructed and the Urban Neighborhoods Alliance will sell the homes. (Contact: Zach Miller at 417-861-0307)

Missouri State University Sustainability Advisory Committee recognized efforts demonstrating a sustained commitment to environmental excellence, programming that makes an impact on environmental excellence and outcomes that indicate that the award winner is making a difference. Co-chairs, Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services and Tamera Jahnke, Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, made the presentation.

Missouri State University’s Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, a unit in the Division of Student Affairs, was recognized by Missouri State University Sustainability Advisory Committee, for their leadership in the area of sustainability for a number of years. They have a strong recycling program, look for operational changes that help them be more sustainable, and organize a number of events and programs that educate and encourage sustainability. This Residence Life student group is also responsible for implementing and maintaining the campus Green Bike program. They make bikes available to students at a very low cost to encourage sustainable transportation.

The Director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, Gary Stewart, has empowered the following individuals that have directly impacted the overall sustainability efforts of the department: Teresa Frederick and Angela Strider. And without the support of custodial services, maintenance staff, a positive partnership with Dining Services, and key student leaders, Brittany Miller, Zachery Holder, Jessica Yates, Erin Murray*, Jon Stubblefield*, and Anthony Jimenez* these things would not be possible. *Graduated – Members of the team accepted the award (Contact: Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services at 417-836-5233 or Tamera Jahnke, Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences at 417-836-5249)

Partnership for Sustainability recognized an organization who has demonstrated leadership through sustainable decision making and the implementation of best practices. The award was presented by P4S Board Chairman, Bob Norton, and P4S Executive Director, Amy Strickland.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) received the Partnership for Sustainability’s (P4S) Leadership in Sustainability award in recognition of their proactive efforts in sustainability management. DFA has demonstrated leadership through aggressive, yet sensible, improvements to their operations and policies resulting in significant reductions in their energy and water consumption and the elimination of tons of waste from the landfill. Their efforts include, among others, innovative water reuse projects, lighting retrofits, glass recycling equipment installation, process improvements, and employee engagement programs. As a result of their ongoing efforts and dedicated Sustainability Team, they have risen from Bronze to Green level recognition in Ozarks GreenScore in a little over a year, serving as a clear demonstration of their leadership and commitment to making the Ozarks a sustainable place to live, work, and play. The DFA Sustainability Team accepted the award. (Contact: Amy Strickland at 417-873-7054)

James River Basin Partnership recognized outstanding efforts to protect the water quality in the James River Basin. Kellie Herman, Project Assistant, presented the award.

Douglas Hurrelbrink received James River Basin Partnership’s “Water Warrior Award”. Douglas was chosen because of his dedication to clean water and the environment. Mr. Hurrelbrink had been a member since 2009 and has given over $2,000 to the partnership. He is the owner and operator of Austin's Pumping Service located in Strafford, Missouri and he has charitably donated funds in support of JRBP's mission.

In addition to the above, Douglas has been working in the local community to bring awareness to non-point source pollution by providing expert advice to homeowners about septic systems. He diligently educates people about water quality and provides services while always keeping the environment a priority. His certifications are: Greene County and Missouri State Certified Septic Installer & Inspector, Missouri State Water Well Inspector, and Certified Backflow Technician. Mr. and Mrs. Hurrelbrink accepted the award. (Contact: Melissa Bettes, Project Manager, at 417-836-4847)

Choose Environmental Excellence is a voluntary, non-regulatory education program that encourages increased awareness of our impact on our natural environment, presents viable alternatives and recognizes accomplishments that foster environmentally responsible decisions.

For more information, contact: Barbara Lucks, Project Coordinator, Springfield-Greene County Choose Environmental Excellence, 417-864-2005, blucks@springfieldmo.gov

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