May 07, 2013

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Police Officer heroes to receive commendations

The Springfield Police Department will hold an awards ceremony for eight officers, two City employees and four citizens at 3:30 p.m. on May 9 at the Springfield Regional Police and Fire Training Center, 2620 W. Battlefield. These officers, employees and citizens will be commended for their service, and in some cases, their bravery and extraordinary actions. Many of these acts of bravery occurred during life-threatening situations.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented in recognition of a career of distinguished service to the Springfield Police Department and the community. The award is given to department personnel with no less than 20 years of service and is intended to recognize a career of excellence above the normal duties that are expected of department personnel. The award recognizes excellence, dedication and initiative displayed by department personnel that demonstrates as much commitment and enthusiasm for the job in their final years as they did in their first. The recipients of the award should be role models greatly respected by other department personnel and a credit to the agency.

1990 –2013: Maj. Bob Brown is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 23 years of distinguished service with the Springfield Police Department.

1990 – 2013: Off. Tom Savard is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 23 years of distinguished service with the Springfield Police Department.

1989 – 2013: Off. Dennis Shook is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 24 years of distinguished service with the Springfield Police Department.

1979 – 2013: Kathy Higbee is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 34 years of distinguished service with the Springfield Police Department.

Meritorious Service Award

This award is presented in recognition of acts by department personnel who, in the protection of life or furtherance of justice, exhibit conduct, which is exceptional.

Jan. 30, 2013: Off. John Brewer was responsible for saving a woman from trying to commit suicide by locking herself in a running car, in the garage of a home. The officer gained entry into the house and locked car, rescuing the woman.

Life Saving Award

Three officers will receive the Life Saving Award which is issued to department personnel who personally saved a life. The life-saving effort normally involves one of the learned life-supporting processes. Actions meriting this award are significant actions by department personnel and are not routine measures, unless such efforts are performed under difficult or dangerous conditions.

Oct. 18. 2011: Off. Robert Reeves responded to an injury accident on I-44. When they arrived on scene, an RV involved in the crash erupted in flames with the driver and passenger trapped inside. While trying to extinguish the fire of the vehicle, he was able to free the driver and control the fire until fire crews could free the passenger.

April 10, 2012: Cpl. Heather Anderson had contact with a male subject on the north lot of the police department. The man collapsed and was not breathing. As an officer quickly grabbed an Ambu-bag from a patrol car and Cpl. Anderson gave the subject two rescue breaths. The man began breathing on his own. Assistant Fire Chief David Pennington explained, "Without the actions of your personnel, this condition may not have been recoverable."

Sep. 7, 2012: Off. Daniel Conklin was directing traffic at an intersection when a citizen stopped to inform him his passenger was having a heart attack. The officer found the passenger to have no pulse and was not breathing. He performed lifesaving measures using CPR until he could be transported to the hospital, where he survived.

Command Commendation

This award shall be presented to department personnel who distinguish themselves by a single act or series of actions that impact the community in a positive manner, or significantly improve the ability of this department to fulfill its mission.

May 5, 2012: Off. Jason Bohannon, while on bicycle patrol in the MSU area, he heard shots being fired in a nearby residential area. He responded and made a traffic stop on a car fleeing the scene of a homicide. Through his stop, key evidence and witnesses were identified from the homicide.

Citizen Service Commendation

This award is presented to any citizen who, through a single act, provided assistance to the Springfield Police Department. The act must have been related to the overall law enforcement objectives of this department.

May 5, 2012: MSU Public Safety Officer, Steve Hoerning, responded to assist Off. Jason Bohannon as he was conducting a traffic stop on suspects who may have just committed a homicide in the area. Even though it was beyond the university property, Off. Hoerning wanted to assist in any way he could and then responded, knowing Off. Bohannon could be at risk.

Dec. 17, 2012: Raven Kidd, a Jarrett Middle School student, observed a man walking with a gun near the school. Concerned about the safety of students and staff, she reported this information, along with an excellent description of the man, to her teacher. Because of her information, police were able to locate the person to determine if he posed a risk to the students.

April 16, 2013: Kenneth Rose witnessed a suspect stealing a purse from the shopping cart of an elderly woman while she was loading groceries into her car at a grocery store. Mr. Rose chased the suspect until the suspect became exhausted and stopped. Mr. Rose stood by with the suspect until police arrived resulting in an arrest and recovery of the purse.

Citizen Service Citation

This award shall be presented to citizens who distinguish themselves in the community by their commitment to law enforcement and have demonstrated this commitment through active involvement in law enforcement related activities.

Penny Speake, of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office, has assisted the Springfield Police Department with countless search warrant reviews of affidavits. Her help with SPD's Community Support Services and Special Investigations Section has been invaluable to the agency.

Cora Scott volunteered to take on the duties of the Springfield Police Department Public Affairs Officer since the fall of 2012. These duties were in addition to her responsibilities in the City's Department of Public Information. She provided great assistance in the department's strategic communications efforts and the daily inquiries from the media.

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