June 07, 2013

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"Drive 25" program aims to reduce neighborhood speeding

Springfield's Public Works Traffic Operations is launching a new safety program to help reduce speeding and crashes in Springfield neighborhoods. The "Drive 25" program educates the public on the importance of respecting the posted 25 mph speed limit on residential streets.

"Drive 25" program participants, who receive a special decal for their vehicles, pledge to drive the speed limit in residential neighborhoods and share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians. Residents may join the program online at www.springfieldmo.gov/traffic/drive25.html.

Neighborhood streets are typically built narrower and often have on-street parking, which gives drivers limited time to brake for pedestrians entering the road between parked cars or walking out of a driveway. Children are especially at risk, says City Safety Engineer Mandy Büttgen.

"When it comes to a pedestrian-vehicle collision, 5 mph can make a big difference between life and death," Büttgen says. "For example, a person who gets hit by a vehicle traveling 20 mph has a 95 percent chance of survival while a person hit at 30 mph has a 60 percent chance of survival. A person hit at 40 mph has only a 20 percent chance of survival."

Reduced speed limits reduce noise, discourage cut-through traffic and improve quality of life, Büttgen adds.

Springfield neighborhood associations may request Büttgen to provide information about the "Drive 25" program at neighborhood meetings. The Weller Neighborhood Association is the first to join the program.

For more information contact: Mandy Büttgen at 417-864-1980.

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