June 17, 2013

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City's glass recycling garners insulation donation

During 2012, the City of Springfield collected over 1,100 tons of glass, or 4.4 million bottles and jars as a part of their overall recycling program. The City contracts with Ripple Glass of Kansas City to transport and process the glass at no cost to the City. Glass is accepted from the public at the City Recycling Centers and from businesses and area municipalities at a centralized collection location ¿ both at no charge to the recycler.

Owens Corning manufactures its PINK fiberglass insulation using recycled glass cullet made by Ripple Glass. Using the recycled glass to make new insulation saves millions of bottles from the landfill, reduces energy use, and dramatically lowers negative air emissions and water use.

To thank residents for their commitment to glass recycling, each year, Ripple Glass donates insulation back to the communities that recycle significant amounts of glass. Springfield has just received their first donation. This year, Boulevard Brewing Company, Premium Beverage Sales, and Waller Truck Inc. are generously providing transportation and storage of the insulation.

Habitat for Humanity installs the fiberglass insulation in the walls and attics of the homes they build, lowering the heating and cooling costs for Habitat residents. "Habitat Springfield gratefully celebrates and thanks Ripple Glass for their donation," said Habitat Executive Director, Larry Peterson. "Their remarkable kindness provided enough attic insulation for eight homes!"

"The Ripple model is a closed-loop system," said Mike Utz, Ripple Glass Principal and Founder. "Glass containers are collected, processed and remanufactured, diverting waste from landfills, creating jobs, and saving enormous amounts of energy. Now, we are pleased to help save even more energy by donating some of the results of our efforts to local non-profits. Recycle your glass and know that you're giving it a second chance."

"The City has been committed to glass recycling since the early 90's. Our contract with Ripple has allowed us to not only continue to recycle the glass collected at the City's locations, but, because there is no cost to the City, we are also able to offer the service to area municipalities and local businesses ¿ including the very successful Center City Entertainment District glass recycling program. Assisted by Solid Waste Management District "O" grant funding, this rogram includes over 20 venues. Springfield has become a regional collection point ¿ literally saving some of the area glass recycling programs from being discontinued. Having this generous donation come back to us for our Habitat for Humanity homes is the perfect link", said Barbara Lucks, Sustainability Officer for the City of Springfield.

About Ripple Glass

In 2009, Ripple Glass, a state of the art glass processing facility in Kansas City, Missouri, began recycling glass bottles and jars. Ripple recycles glass from Springfield and communities throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. In 2012, Ripple Glass recycled the equivalent of 125 million beer bottles. For more information about Ripple Glass and to find a glass recycling location near you, please visit www.rippleglass.com.

About Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, MO

Habitat for Humanity of Springfield believes every person in the Springfield and surrounding area deserves to live in safe, decent, affordable housing. As one of 2,300 affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat Springfield builds an average of 10 homes each year. Since 1988, Habitat Springfield has either built or rehabilitated over 150 homes, providing shelter for more than 600 men, women and children in Greene County. Habitat Springfield partners with deserving families and individuals to build homes, and relies on support from the community to provide compassionate construction. Community volunteers and corporate sponsors help Habitat Springfield fulfill their mission to provide safe and affordable housing to those who would otherwise go without it. Families who partner with Habitat for Humanity go through a rigorous application and selection process and are then expected to perform 350 volunteer hours before closing on their home. Once families complete the program requirements, they are financed for a zero-interest home loan, which is later recycled back into the program through homeowner payments, to provide funding for future projects. . For more information, please visit www.habitatspringfieldmo.org or call the Habitat office at 417-829-4001.

About the City's Recycling Program

Information about the City Recycling Centers, including location, hours of operation, and materials accepted can be found at www.springfieldmo.gov/recycling or by calling the City's Recycling Hotline at 417-864-1904.

Media contacts

City of Springfield: Barbara Lucks, Sustainability Officer, blucks@springfieldmo.gov or 417-864-2005.

Ripple Glass: Michelle Goth, Program Manager, michelle@rippleglass.com or 816-213-7558. Habitat for Humanity, Springfield: Angel Field, Development Associate, angel@habitatspringfieldmo.org or 417-829-4001, Ext. 109.

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