June 28, 2013

News Release

For Immediate Release

Household Chemical Collection Center to open to residents of other counties

Residents in Christian, Dallas, Polk, and Webster counties will soon have access to the City of Springfield’s Household Chemical Collection Center, as Greene County residents have since the Center opened in August, 1994. Service is scheduled to be available beginning July 1.

Funding from a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, through local Solid Waste Management District “O”, is in place for a pilot project that will allow the City of Springfield to accept materials generated from households in all five counties of District “O.” (No waste generated from businesses or institutions can be accepted under the City’s permit.)

Instructions for the surrounding county residents are exactly the same as for Springfield/Greene County residents – a printed brochure can be viewed at www.springfieldmo.gov/recycling  – under “Popular Downloads”– Household Chemical Collection Center (HCCC). Hard copies are also available by request by calling the Recycling Hotline at 417-864-1904 or by e-mailing blucks@springfieldmo.gov. Residents may also call the HCCC directly if they have questions – 417-864-2000 – and when they are ready to make an appointment.

The Center accepts phone calls for information/appointments 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Appointments are available 7-10 a.m. Tuesdays and 3-6 p.m Thursdays. Appointments are accepted 9 a.m.-noon for peak-season Saturdays during spring (the first two Saturdays in April) and fall (first two Saturdays in November).

Appointments are necessary in order to maximize City staff time and also to give City staff the opportunity to counsel those bringing materials as to the best way to pack and transport the materials. There are also a number of area businesses that accept materials that may be more convenient than using the HCCC, depending on the materials. Get a “A Guide to Recycling in Springfield” (pdf) on the City website's recycling section homepage.

“This is a project that we’ve been trying to put in place for years.  We’re very pleased to be able to offer our services to our Waste District “O” counties," says City Sustainability Officer Barbara Lucks.  “Pollution does not pay attention to political boundaries and the air and water of our entire region benefits greatly from these materials being disposed of properly.”

“Proper disposal of household hazardous waste is a real challenge to the areas heretofore not served by the Springfield facility. This is a real step forward and a significant benefit for the other counties in the District,” says Solid Waste Management District “O” Chair Tim Smith.

For more information: www.springfieldmo.gov/recycling or the Recycling Hotline, 417-864-1904, option 7.

Media contacts: City of Springfield: Barbara Lucks, Sustainability Officer, blucks@springfieldmo.gov or 417-864-2005; Solid Waste Management District “O”: Ronda Long, Associate Planner, ROlong@greenecountymo.org or 417-868-4197.

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