July 15, 2013

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Alarm program phone, website activated

Changes to the City of Springfield alarm program are now in effect. The Springfield Police Department will continue to provide 24-hour response to alarm calls, however, the program, formerly run in-house by the SPD, is administered by a professional company that specializes in managing municipal alarm tracking and billing systems. The name of the company is PMAM Corporation. Alarm users will be receiving a notice from PMAM Corporation to register their alarm systems and be notified and invoiced for any false alarms that the Police Department responds to.

The intent of having the alarm program managed professionally is to reduce the significant number of false alarms within the City limits, by making owners of alarms more accountable for the operation of their units. The Springfield Police Department has received more than 2,100 false alarm calls so far in 2013. The program as established under the current ordinance, 4807, Section 50-44, states that all false alarms to which the Department responds shall result in a civil penalty (after the third false alarm in a one-year period). Fines can now be paid over the phone by calling (877) 624-4994 or online at www.cityalarmpermit.com/fams/citizen/city/springfield/ATB_Login.aspx

Property owners with alarms are advised and encouraged to ensure that their family members and/or employees are properly trained in how to operate alarm systems. Please make sure your alarm equipment is working properly, and call your alarm company if repairs are needed. These numerous non-critical calls for service prevent, hinder or delay the amount of time that dispatchers and police officers can spend responding to mission critical duties and reduce the amount of staff who can work proactively to prevent crime.

Our City is no different from many other municipalities that also have the same experiences with very high rates of false alarms and have outsourced their alarm programs to professional vendors.

Media Contact: Lisa Cox, Public Affairs Officer
O: 864-1786 | C: 839-5301
Release authorized by: Chief Paul Williams

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