July 17, 2013

News Release

For Immediate Release

Missouri Career Center provides support for Regal-Beloit

Staff at the City of Springfield's Department of Workforce Development are assisting Regal-Beloit employees affected by the closure of the plant in 2014.

The City's Department of Workforce Development offers a variety of services for dislocated workers through the Missouri Career Center – a one-stop shop for job hunters and employers looking for workers.

Mary Ann Rojas, director of Workforce Development, cautions the employees to check with the Missouri Career Center before voluntarily quitting their jobs. Certain steps can ensure employees don't lose potential federal financial support and access to other services.

"It is going to be critical they come to us first, as we administer the training benefit. They cannot voluntarily "quit" their jobs, or they will lose out on the training dollars and services" she explained.

In the event of a company closure, the Missouri Career Center offers a variety of rapid response services. Types of services include re-training, assistance with filing for unemployment benefits and workshops to assist with money management due to job loss, job preparation, resume development, counseling and online application assistance.

Rojas says she is working with Regal-Beloit on plans to do on-site job fairs, education sessions and other activities to help with people with the transition in employment.

For more information about these services, call 417-887-4343 or visit www.ozarksjobpath.org or www.jobs.mo.gov.