September 17, 2013

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Public Works Department to conduct street tree inventory

The City of Springfield's Department of Public Works will conduct a citywide street tree inventory beginning in the mid-September. The inventory is scheduled to be complete in late November. Only City-owned trees in the right-of-way or on certain other City-owned properties will be inventoried.

The goal is to collect and analyze data that will determine the overall health, monetary value, and stormwater mitigation value of the existing urban forest, as well as prioritize current and future maintenance needs and determine areas of the city where reforestation programs will be focused.

The inventory will represent a snapshot of the current state of the street tree population which totals nearly 20,000 trees. The most recent citywide street tree inventory was conducted in 2001. It has been updated by using monitoring routes based on school boundaries and conducted by the Public Works Urban Forester until the 2007 ice storm, which rendered much of the condition ratings of the trees obsolete. The frequency of a citywide street tree inventory is determined by factors such as: natural disasters, monitoring programs, and property acquisitions, to name a few.

The new inventory will bring the condition and risk rating records up to date and provide monetary and environmental values associated with the benefits of the trees. The information will be used to guide reforestation efforts, outline and prioritize essential work, and most importantly, determine monitoring routes with the greatest need for maintenance and removals.

The information collected for each tree will include the following attributes as well as other pertinent information about each tree: location, unique identification number, tree species, trunk diameter at breast height, current condition, primary maintenance need, secondary maintenance need, risk rating, and parkway width/grow space.

The City has contracted with Davey Resource Group as the tree inventory consulting service. Representatives of the consulting service will be clearly marked with their company logo. These representatives will have informational fliers available to interested citizens. They will be using electronic devices to locate each tree and record the necessary data.

The consulting firm and/or the Public Works Urban Forester will be available for media interviews and/or follow-alongs by appointment. For more information on the tree inventory, contact: Casey Jo Kellner, Public Works Urban Forester, (417) 864-1135 or

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