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Policy for Developer/Neighborhood Meetings
City Council policy requiring Developer/ Neighborhood Meetings for development applications requiring public hearings (rezonings, planned developments and use permits)
Multi-Family Development Location and Design Guidelines
City Council approved Multi-Family Development Location and Design Guidelines for multi-family rezonings or planned developments with multi-family uses.
Subdivision Regulations
The Subdivision Regulations govern how property within the City may be divided into smaller tracts or combined into larger tracts.
Zoning Ordinance (3.45 mb)
The Zoning Ordinance identifies the uses permitted on property within the city and the regulations which govern development on the property, such as building setbacks, parking requirements, sign regulations and bufferyard requirements.
Arborcultural Design Guidelines (4.2mb)
This manual is a descriptive interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance, and is designed to provide a more detailed explanation of its landscaping terms and requirements.
e-plans User Guide for Planning Projects 2013
The ePlans applicant user guide is to be used for all planning electronic project submittals. The process begins with an online application and payment under the "Applications, Fees and e-plans Submittal" section.

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