Resume Assistance

We offer resume assistance in a number of ways at the Career Center. First and foremost, if you do not have a resume to work from, we encourage you to fill out a resume worksheet, which can be obtained at the Career Center. This worksheet should be completed prior to attending a workshop, getting one-on-one assistance, or working at the jobs resource computers to prepare your resume.

Three Levels of Assistance
Resume Workshop
Resume Workshops are offered regularly at the Springfield and Branson locations. (Check the workshop calendars for specific dates.) The workshop will provide you basic information about resumes and provide answers to questions you may have. Then you will have the opportunity to work on a computer using our latest software to develop your own resume. Professional staff assists you with your resume questions and getting started as you type your resume. (If you do not have computer skills, you may want to take advantage of one of our beginning computer workshops.)

One-on-one Resume Assistance
One-on-one assistance is available once you have met with a Welcome Team member and completed the initial enrollment for services. Again, having an old resume or completing the worksheet prior to coming in will make this a much easier process for you. Once you meet with a staff member and receive some basic feedback and guidance, you will be given access to the software to complete your resume.

Self-Help Resume Writing
Finally, we have user-friendly software on our computers that will literally walk you through developing a resume. Jobs Team staff are available to answer questions as you work to use the software and input your information. You will need to be able to type, or bring someone with you that can, along with your completed worksheet.