Missouri Work Assistance

Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) Program
The Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program provides parents who receive Temporary Assistance with job preparation, work, and support services.

Formerly known as the Career Assistance Program (CAP), MWA works with individuals receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) who have been referred by the Family Support Division (FSD). MWA assists participants in overcoming barriers to reach the goal of self sufficiency through employment.

Missouri Work Assistance Referrals
I received a letter from FSD indicating that I have been referred to MWA, what do I do next?

Normally when an individual is referred to MWA, a letter is sent to the individual setting an initial appointment with a case manager.  This may also be done through an orientation session held at one of the Career Centers. You will be provided an overview of the program, which will indicate your responsibilities in the program and how we can assist you to meet those responsibilities.

When an individual is referred to MWA, your status is reflected as “mandatory.” If you choose not to participate, your benefits may be reduced.

There are several options available depending on your needs, barriers, and education levels.  You may be presented with opportunities to gain work experience at volunteer sites.  You may be referred for a training program.  Or you may be ready to be placed in job search.  Other options will be discussed with you as you meet with your case manager.

Supportive Services
Depending upon funding availability, you may be provided with tuition assistance, transportation-related expenses assistance, or work-related expenses assistance.  These, and other supportive services, will be discussed during you meeting with your case manager.

Case Management
Monthly contact with your case manager is vital to ensure that your participation is properly documented and to allow you to receive the most-up-to-date information and assistance that is available. 

Missouri Career Center
You will have full advantage of the workshops and classes provided at the Missouri Career Center.  You will be encouraged to attend workshops that will assist you as you prepare to become work ready.