1. Building Codes

    The basics of building permits and a code and zoning checklist.

  2. City Code

    City ordinances, updated legislation, and municipal codes of Springfield.

  3. City Utilities Construction Standards

    Construction standards for gas, water, electricity, and more.

  4. Design Standards for Public Improvements

    New design guide is now available for public improvement projects within the community.

  5. Fire Codes

    City's fire codes including international fire code, fireworks, and more.

  6. Floodplain Codes (PDF)

    Contains the floodplain ordinances and codes for the City of Springfield.

  7. Multi Family Development Guidelines (PDF)

    Approved guidelines for development location and design.

  8. Policy for Developer & Neighborhood Meeting (PDF)

    The city council's policy for developer and neighborhood meetings.

  9. Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

    These regulations address the application process, enforcement, and much more in subdivision regulations.

  10. Zoning Ordinance

    Various zoning ordinances and codes for the City of Springfield.